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NFL morning game thread: Panthers Watch welcomes Peyton Manning and Poppa John's

We break down the Week 11 morning games and provide an open thread for discussion

The 49ers get going in a few hours, but in the meantime we've got a morning full of NFL action to keep you entertained. The morning slate features a few interesting games, and several with implications on the 49ers. After all, outside of fantasy football impact, all that really matters about the rest of the NFL is how it impacts our 49ers!

Panthers Watch 2012 sees Carolina playing host to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The Panthers snapped their recent losing streak with a win over the Washington Redskins last week to improve to 2-6. We are definitely rooting for the Broncos on the road this week.

On a related note, in case you haven't missed the 100 airings a day of the commercial, Peyton is a spokesperson for Poppa John's. Apparently Manning bought something like 21 Poppa John's in Colorado. On election night, after Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, the best tweet had to be the one that said, "Now Peyton Manning's decision to buy 21 Poppa John's in Colorado makes sense!"

The most intriguing matchup of the morning in my mind is Falcons at Saints. The Falcons are undefeated and rolling, while New Orleans is trying to develop some consistency. They grabbed a win over Philadelphia last week to improve to 3-5 and keep their playoff hopes alive. A win over Atlanta would be huge for them and give them a lot of momentum to start out the second half of the season. I don't think they win, but the upset possibility is always there.