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49ers vs. Rams: Second quarter open thread

Second quarter game thread for 49ers-Rams in Week 10.

Brian Bahr

Well, this is not quite what everybody had in mind. The 49ers are trailing 14-0 and completely sleep-walking through this game. The Rams defense has had no trouble containing the 49ers offense, and the Rams offense is absolutely rolling over the 49ers defense.

The Rams scored their first touchdown on a Bradford pass to Brian Quick, on a play that saw Chris Culliver fall down. The Rams added their second touchdown on a seven yard run by Steven Jackson. That play capped off a seven play, 93-yard drive. The Rams are dominating, although the 49ers did get a pair of first downs to close the first quarter. It's not pretty quite yet, but hopefully the 49ers can build on it moving forward.