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Alex Smith concussion: Colin Kaepernick in after Smith knocked from game

In a big turn of events, QB Colin Kaepernick has entered the game in place of Alex Smith. On the 49ers touchdown-scoring drive, Alex Smith took a couple big hits, including an instance where he dove/slid shoulder-first and took a big hit from Jo-Lonn Dunbar. We now have confirmation that Alex Smith has suffered a concussion and is out for the rest of the game.

The trainers were talking with Smith, including the team's concussion expert before he left the game for the locker room. The announcers confirmed the concussion, which means Colin Kaepernick is the 49ers quarterback the rest of the game. Kaepernick came in for his first drive and was unable to do much to move the offense. Kaepernick picked up ten yards on an early scramble, but a holding penalty a couple plays later cost the team a first down and they had to punt.

The 49ers trail 14-7 and will look for some kind of life from Kaepernick to get things going.