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49ers, Rams finish with tie, and Jim Harbaugh doesn't know what to make of it

We take a look at the confusion of a tie and how we're supposed to feel.

Brian Bahr

I was "fortunate" enough to get a chance to attend the 49ers-Rams game today, observing from the press box. I say fortunate with quotation marks because I don't really how much I could have enjoyed what we all just observed. After the game, Jim Harbaugh was asked about how he felt about a tie and he said he really didn't know how he felt.

A tie is better than a loss but worse than a win. That's fairly logical. However, given that the 49ers had no business winning this game, I can understand the conflicting feelings. You could argue in some sense a tie was a gift, and in another sense, they blew a lot of opportunities. It is just a confused, muddled feeling. I am sure some people are very clear on how they feel, and others like me who are just wondering what the hell just happened.

Whatever the case, the 49ers are 6-2-1 and still in first place in the NFC West. They lost half a game to the Seahawks, which of course sucks. But they didn't lose the full game, so I guess there's that. As I said, I just don't know what the [site decorum] to think right now. Maybe a night's sleep will help.

All I know is I can root for the Texans tonight.