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49ers vs. Rams recap video: What the [site decorum] just happened

We take a look back at the 49ers-Rams game with a video recap.

As I previously mentioned, I was able to attend the 49ers Week 10 matchup with the St. Louis Rams, and with the help of a press pass I shot some video after the game. The folks at SB Nation Studios cleaned it up, bleeped out some of my language, and as usually, put together a great package.

I'm not one to normally swear in the Niners Nation video, but this game really felt deserving. This includes some recap content, but really it is an opportunity to sort of vent and just continue wondering what is what. The upside is the 49ers emerged from the game still leading their division. The bad news is they lost a half game on the Seahawks. Such is life.

Check out the video and make sure to subscribe to the Niners Nation YouTube channel. We'll continue producing video content each week, including Google+ Hangouts and recaps, among other things.