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Monday Night Football open thread: Chiefs vs. Steelers in another Weather Bowl

We take a look at the Monday Night Football matchup between the Chiefs and Steelers, and provide an open thread for discussion.


Week 10 of the 2012 NFL season comes to a close tonight as the Pittsburgh Steelers play host to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. The value of this game really is the fantasy aspects because it could be an ugly one. It is pouring rain in Pittsburgh, and the Chiefs really aren't any good. That's not to say they won't hang close, but this is not an inspiring matchup from afar.

While this could prove to be an ugly game in the driving rain, I'm kind of, sort of interested in seeing how the elements impact things. While I like enjoyable football games, there is something about bad weather football that can be fun to watch. It drastically raises the potential for sloppy football, but maybe that'll be interesting. Romeo Crennel has threatened to bench the first player who fumbles a ball. That could happen sooner rather than later tonight.