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Real Recognize Real: Lil Wayne interviews Randy Moss

For Week 10 of the NFL, hip-hop mogul Lil Wayne interviewed NFL legend and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss.

For Sunday's Week 10 pre-game show, the NFL aired a unique segment they shot, where hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne interviewed NFL legend Randy Moss.

Both have been said to be "outspoken" or "misunderstood" at one time or another, so this pairing was rather fitting. These are two individuals that have played by their own rules, but have reached the highest level of success. Even in this one-of-a-kind interview, Moss said he wouldn't be himself if he didn't speak his mind.

Wayne and Moss connected on a level, as two greats who have mastered their craft. Even more so, both individuals are fantastic examples of where hard work, resiliency and perseverance can get you.

I've highlighted two parts from the Q&A below, but you should view the video in its entirety.

What did you learn from Cris Carter?

He showed me how to focus and tune in and understand the task at hand, which is to go out here and get better everyday - to be able to put the results on the field.

Why did you come out of retirement?

Well I think that a lot of people didn't understand. I think later on in my life, I'll let people know why I went into retirement. And it had nothing to do with the game of football. It had to do with my family, putting them on the right page and them understanding who daddy really was.

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