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NFL power rankings, Week 11

Some new power rankings for the latest week of NFL action.

Brian Bahr

For one week at least, we will move away from the video version of the power rankings and back to the written version.

A lot of concussions this week - especially at the QB position. One, obviously, was quite pertinent to the 49ers. A little while back, I wrote about Roger Goodell and player safety. A few of you guys pointed out that due to his insistence upon an 18 game schedule that you doubted his sincerity in respect to player safety. While I do think the 18 game schedule would be bad for the sport, I don't really care what his motivations are for instituting player safety rules. He just needs to do it.

Anyway, on to the rankings.

1) Houston Texans: The Texans regain their top spot after a nice game against the Bears. I don't care what QB is playing for the Bears, that is a scary good defense.

2) Atlanta Falcons: Even after they lose a game to the resurgent Saints, I think the Falcons remain the best team in the NFC.

3) Baltimore Ravens: Long-term, this is probably too high. I don't think the Ravens are the third best team in the NFL. That said, whenever you put up 55 points on any team, you get a boost.

4) San Francisco 49ers: What to do with a tie? They should probably bounce down a bit from last week and the Rams up, just based on these rankings. But how much? Half of how much they would have moved. At the end of the day, I just treated this like a bye week. The 49ers and the Rams stay in the same spots.

5) Chicago Bears: This is going to be a good game coming up. We really could use this win.

6) Denver Broncos: I think it's high time I start putting these Broncos solidly in the top ten of these rankings. Peyton Manning is having a career year - and for him, that means a lot.

7) Green Bay Packers: Bye Week.

8) Seattle Seahawks: Well, I think we need to start legitimately watching out for this team. With a game coming up at Seattle, the 49ers need to finish this season out strong.

9) New England Patriots: I always have a hard time placing the Patriots. I don't think they are as good as they are playing, but well, the games count more than my opinion. They gotta stay on the upper levels of these rankings.

10) New York Giants: I really dislike this team. They should keep losing.\

11) Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are having a nice couple of week, and then BAM. Would you like a second helping of injuries?

12) Minnesota Vikings: It was looking a bit scary for the Vikings, there, but a win against a division rival might just set them back on a playoff track.

13) Indianapolis Colts: I want to put this team higher because they are so easy to like. But, Jaguars. Let's see them against some stiffer competition.

14) New Orleans Saints: The Saints should start sucking again. They can be good after we play them.

15) Arizona Cardinals: Bye Week.

16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: So I have been ignoring this team for a while now, but they are proving their worth. Here's a bounce from 22. Don't spend it all in one place.

17) St. Louis Rams: Tie Week.

18) Dallas Cowboys: Like the Giants, this team can't seem to make up its mind. Be good or not? What a weird division.

19) San Diego Chargers: I actually think there is a lot of talent on this team. A coaching change might be the key for future success.

20) Detroit Lions: That was a pretty big loss against a division rival. It also has to hurt losing a game in which Megatron goes for over 200 yards.

21) Cincinnati Bengals: Too little too late? I was bullish on this team at the beginning of the year for this reason. They need to play almost perfectly to have playoff hopes after that slow start.

22) Tennessee Titans: Have a day, Locker. Have a day...

23) Miami Dolphins: Here's a team I hesitated to boost up the rankings after a few nice wins. This last week is why.

24) Philadelphia Eagles: In a way, Michael Vick's injury might be a boon for Andy Reid - as cynical as that is. It may be a golden opportunity to move away from the turnover train.

25) New York Jets: Don't get me wrong, Mark Sanchez sucks. But that team sucks even more. There's only so much he can do.

26) Buffalo Bills: Scoring 31 points is nice, but that defense really needs to shore up. So much for the shiny FA signings.


28) Oakland Raiders: I don't know what to write about this team anymore. They are so far away from being competitive. At least three years.

29) Washington Redskins: Bye Week.

30) Cleveland Browns: Bye Week.

31) Kansas City Chiefs: Loss in overtime? Okay, you don't have to be last this week.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars: Next time just lose in overtime. It's easy.