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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith, Frank Gore injury updates

Thursday, November 15, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Hey everyone. How are things around the Niners Nation? Here in Oz, they're going great. Weekend's coming up, big game for the 49ers, you know...typical Australian lifestyle. I totally screwed it up yesterday. You could say I pushed a 41-yard field goal wide at a crucial moment. But that would be mean. So, I'll spare you guys my usual blabbering at the start and give you an excess of babble about the links. Boy, are you all in for a treat.

Week 10: 49ers 24, Rams 24

Why did the 49ers tie the Rams? One word. Defense. Our offense, despite losing it's starting quarterback in Alex Smith, was able to uphold their end of the bargain, putting up 24 points against a decent Rams defense. Our D, however, failed to keep their end. | 49ers' defense lucky to escape with a tie. (Malone)

What was learned in the game against the Rams? Christian Gin has some thoughts. Our pass rush is suspect, the bye week seemed to work against us, and the Rams are an improved team under new head coach Jeff Fisher. | 49ers vs Rams rewind: Five things we learned. (Gin)

After reviewing the film, BASG has come to the same conclusion as me. The 49ers defense stunk. He cites the front seven as the main culprit. All eleven defenders might have been guilty had Danny Amendola's 80-yard gain not been called back. | All-22 film review: 49ers front seven struggled against Rams. (BASG)

OK, I have a secret. I like soccer. I sometimes call it football. I can't help it. I lived next to Camp Nou in Barcelona for years. So, what if, instead of ties, we get the fattest kid in the stands in a jersey of each team to do a punt, pass, and kick competition to decide who wins. That would be about like a penalty shoot out. What can you do? PS. I wish I could say I was drunk when I wrote this. | Nobody likes a tie, but rule changes unlikely. (

Akers transcript: 'Obviously I didn't do what I needed to do at that time.' (Inman)

Film study: Second half reveals difference between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. (SF Gate)

Week 11: Bears at 49ers

What are our chances against the Bears if we have to start Colin Kaepernick? The answer will come down to coaching. Both defenses are top-tier, so any backup quarterback will have their work cut out for them. | If Colin Kaepernick starts, play-calling is key. (Faaborg)

Well usually I wouldn't worry about this too much, but this week we've got a running back coming in who's in the top-30 in the league (he's actually one of the best, but sarcasm works best for making my point). So, what that mean, is that we're going to have a 100-yard rusher. Well...that's what it's meant lately. Dude, where's my run D? | Key matchup: Bears RBs Matt Forte and Michael Bush vs 49ers defense. (Yahoo!)

Frank Gore is nicer than I am. He wants Cutler to start. I'll say, let Cutler start, but only if Alex Smith can play. It's a deal. Heh, President Obama? (See below) | Frank Gore hopes Jay Cutler will start: 'We want their best.' (Branch)

Will Barrack Obama make 49ers' bulletin board? (SF Gate)

Catching on: Brandon Marshall, Michael Crabtree best WR-poor franchises have had in years. (Branch)

Bears preparing Jason Cambell if Jay Cutler can't go. (

Injury News

There is an article on Alex Smith's injury by every writer who covers the 49ers so you can take your pick, cause many of them are simply repeating. I'm highlighting this one because it's got a bit of analysis to go with its information. The title explains it all. Plus, it's got the longest freaking title of the day (which annoys me....but oh well). | When caution (over Alex Smith's health) and curiosity (to see what Colin Kaepernick can do) come together. (Kawakami)

James Brown was amazing. Hardest working man in show business. Since he died, my friend Al has taken over that title. He's in six bands that all play frequently. Why do I bring all that up. "Take it to the bridge!" | Alex Smith: "I feel good" (Maiocco)

"Can I hit it and quit it?" | Alex Smith injury: 49ers' QB seeking second opinion on head injury according to report. (Bay Area SB Nation)

"I don't know karate, but I know ka-razy." OK, that's the last one. Bonus points on the quiz to whomever can name the songs those James Brown lyrics come from. | Alex Smith injury: 49ers QB cleared for non-contact drills. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Early signs point to Alex Smith starting. (Sando)

Alex Smith feels no lasting effects from concussion. (CBS Sports)

Alex Smith going through NFL concussion protocol. (Maiocco)

Alex Smith cleared to participate in practice. (Branch)

Back in black: Alex Smith cleared for non-contact work. (Barrows)

Alex Smith 2011 concussion not nearly as severe as current one. (Barrows)

Frank Gore injury: 49ers RB has ribs x-rayed, says he's fine. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Gore: 'I was just trying to do whatever it takes to win.' (Inman)

Assorted 49ers News

Both David Akers and Vernon Davis have seen a decline in production. Mike Sando speculates that improved play from the entire team has afforded less chances for both. Yeah, the offense is slightly better, but... | David Akers, Vernon Davis pay for 49ers' improvement? (Sando)

Anyone else notice that we brought back all eleven starters from the defense last season, which sparked fear in the hearts of men, yet have performed in a way less dominating fashion? Yeah, me too. I'm a bit worried. How was last season a fluke? Don't think it was...but what the hell is going on? Any ideas? | 49ers' brick-wall defense? It's crumbled a bit this season. (Barrows)

Randy Moss' hometown is what this article is about. The only thing I know about it going into reading it is that Jason "White Chocolate" Williams was his teammate in high school in both football and basketball. Off topic, but if you're a basketball fan, and haven't seen or don't remember J Will crossing over Gary Payton in something like his seventh game of his rookie that stuff now! Man I wish the Kings were decent. | Hometown: Randy Moss. (Maiocco)

Mike Iupati among four 49ers garnering most Pro Bowl votes at their positions. (Inman)

Patrick Willis leads NFC LB Pro Bowl voting. (

Videos / Assorted Media

Press Pass: Alex Smith. (

Alex Smith participates in practice. (

Told you I would babble. Just like my uncle Karl, I am known as the Mailman because I deliver!

Being a Sheep

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