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Can the NFL improve the game-day experience, other than lowering ticket prices?

We take a look at the NFL game day experience and whether changes would impact it, other than lowering ticket prices.

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We're back for a quick follow-up post related to Samsung's Smart TV Makeover Sweepstakes. If you missed our post last week, Samsung is running a contest with SB Nation in which you can enter for a chance to win a living room makeover that will include a ful suite of Samsung products and remodeling valued between $10,000 and $15,000.

This contest comes shortly after Roger Goodell spoke to fans about how high definition television creates such huge competition for ticket sales. The NFL is reporting stadium attendance is at 97% this season. Nonetheless, the league is concerned that improved high definition and greater availability of HD televisions is creating a sizable challenge to the league.

Last week I had a chance to attend the 49ers-Rams game. This was my second in-person game this season, having also attended 49ers-Jets at the Meadowlands. I was up in the press box for both games, so my view of the game was a bit altered in that context.

Watching the game in person as opposed to on television is always a slightly jarring experience for a variety of reasons. The issue of television timeouts and time between plays seems particularly drawn out. At home I have announcers talking between plays, or I can get up and get food or whatever during game breaks. And of course, no lines for the bathroom!

Is there anything specific the NFL can do to improve the game-day experience to get you out to games? As the 49ers build their new stadium, they have stated repeatedly that they are looking to boost the game-day experience, in part by making significant strides in technology.

Amidst all this, is it simply a matter of high-priced tickets? NFL games are rather expensive, so I'm not sure how much the NFL can do to get me out to games without dropping ticket prices. I think people will always go to be there, but an improved experience is always welcome.

Whatever the case, make sure and enter the Smart TV Makeover Sweepstakes. If you're going to stay home for games, might as well improve your home setup!