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CSN Bay Area's Part II of 'Hometown: Randy Moss'

CSN Bay Area releases their second video of 'Hometown: Randy Moss' where Matt Maiocco visits Rand, Wes Virginia to see where the legendary No. 84 came from.

On Thursday, CSN Bay Area released Part II of their insider's look at future Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss.

In this piece, 49ers beat writer Matt Maiocco joins Moss and childhood friend, Donnie 'Blue' Jones, on a tour of Moss' childhood town. They explore the hood of Rand, West Virginia and what it was like to grow up there. There was a lack of parental guidance or even legal authority after 4 p.m.

Moss talked about hanging out at the local 7-11, where townies played games out front. There was also prevalent drug use.

Rand is a very small town that features mostly lower middle-class families. And from an outsiders perspective, there's nothing all that special. But in the United States, Rand, WV is truly a diamond in the rough.

Moss' hometown has been a breeding ground for Incredible athletes. When there was nothing around but open fields and plenty of less fortunate kids with nothing better to do, all they did was play sports. All day everyday, kids played sports in Rand -- it was a cultural thing.

It was the safest thing to do, yet it was highly competitive. Not only did it keep kids out of trouble in the short-term, it provided opportunities for them in the long-term.

Beside Moss and his brother, Eric, Jason Williams, Bobbie Howard and Sam Singleton all went pro in basketball and football. Maiocco even states that "Rand produces more pro athletes per capita than any other town in the country." Quite an incredible accomplishment for a town most people have never heard of.

But Randy Moss said it best: "When it came to sports, we just played it."

For them, sports were second nature. The world of athletics became a lifestyle, and every time Moss has an opportunity to pay homage to what made him the athlete he is, he does that. That is why you'll hear him say "Rand University" on primetime games, instead of Marshall.

Look for it this coming Monday when the San Francisco 49ers face off against the Chicago Bears.

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