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Tarell Brown is stylin' and profilin'

Tarell Brown joined up with The Lunch Box on CSN to provide some fashion tips. Check out the video above.

In case you haven't seen some of our previous video posts on this, The Lunch Box is a web program on that provides a different take on the world of sports. They mix music, fashion and just general good times to take a look at teams in the Bay Area.

This week, 49ers cornerback Tarell Brown joined up with The Lunch Box to provide some fashion consulting. Tarell has some useful tips for those of us that don't really focus too much on fashion. Although, I will say that I did make a change in my glasses recently that was a little style-based. For those who have seen some of the video I've shot at our YouTube channel, I previously wore thin frames. I recently got a new pair of glasses for the first time in five years and went with thicker plastic frames. Hopefully not too hipster-ish, but I'm liking the new look. I'll be putting together some video for Monday looking at the updated playoff picture, so you can check out that look once it gets published.

I'm guessing few people expected a style discussion on a post at Niners Nation when they dropped in today (or anytime, really).