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Sunday Night Football open thread

We take a look at the Week 11 Sunday Night Football matchup, and provide an open thread for discussion.

Gregory Shamus

Week 11 is nearing its end, but of course the longest stretch of the week is still to be played. We get one last game to kick back and enjoy before the 49ers and Bears get going on Monday Night Football.

Sunday Night Football features the Ravens and the Steelers in a matchup that features a lot more questions after Ben Roethlisberger was knocked out of last week's game. Now we get to have a little Byron Leftwich back in our lives. Leftwich has not started a game since 2009, so it will be interesting to see how he looks coming out of the gates. The Steelers do have Rashard Mendenhall back, so I imagine they will try and focus on the running game.

The Ravens are a team from whom I expected a lot more this season. They are 7-2, but there is just something not quite there. The defense is not as good as it has been in the recent past, but that is due in part to some significant injuries (Ray Lewis, Lardarius Webb). The offense has improved its explosiveness, but they suffer from Joe Flacco inconsistency. This is not exactly shocking, but it still leaves them as not quite the strongest division leader at this point.

The winner of this game will hold control of first place with another matchup scheduled for two weeks from now. A Ravens win gives them a two-game lead, while a Steelers win creates a tie, with the Steelers holding the tie-breaker for now. Should make for a fun night of football.