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49ers demolish Bears on Monday Night Football behind Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith career nights

We take an initial look at the 49ers Monday Night Football demolition of the Chicago Bears.

Ezra Shaw

Well, that certainly was something wasn't it? The 49ers put together one of the most thorough demolitions you'll see as they defeated the Chicago Bear 32-7 on Monday Night Football. They put up more points on the Jets and Bills, and held them to fewer points, but let's be honest about this. The Jets and Bills are not good, while the Bears had arguably one of the best defenses in the NFL. And this game was no contest from the get-go.

You could look at this as a tale of two big storylines. Colin Kaepernick officially burst on the scene in the first half as he thoroughly ravaged the Bears. Kaepernick flashed his entire skillset, most notably showing his strong arm, and his escapability. He had little trouble picking apart the Bears defense. Add in the Bears struggles in tackling and they were playing from behind from the get-go.

The other storyline is of course the historic performance of Aldon Smith. The 49ers second year outside linebacker officially leads the NFL in sacks after a Monday Night Football record of five sacks. I'm still trying to get final confirmation, but Aldon has either 14.5 or 15 sacks on the season following a thoroughly ridiculous display. He flashed all his moves and skills and Jason Campbell never really had a chance Monday evening.

Of course, while there were plenty of great performances, the next week will be a busy one talking about the quarterback position. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Colin Kaepernick put together a dominant performance in place of Alex Smith, and certainly has the fans raving. If Alex Smith is healthy this week, was it enough to secure another week at the helm against the Saints in Week 12? As clear-cut as that performance was, does it change everything, does it change nothing?