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Randy Moss sits down with CSN Bay Area

We provide three minutes of footage from CSN Bay Area's longer interview with Randy Moss. More of the interview will be released next week

Randy Moss took some time to put together an interview with Matt Maiocco and CSN Bay Area, and the interview being released in various snippets. Three minutes of the interview are posted above and more will be available next week. Maiocco transcribed the interview in the comments at the bottom of the associated post.

This portion of the interview covers his thoughts on how football is not a hand-shaking sport, how much he has learned throughout his career, how difficult the week of learning can be compared to the actual game and his interest in eventually being coached.

In regards to the coaching, MM clarified that Moss said he was thinking more on a high school level:

The NFL and collegiate level don't have a lot of free time. ...I love my family, I love the family life, I think coaching the collegiate and the NFL take away from my family...high school or middle school to help some young men that want to follow my path...I think I could feel comfortable on that level.

His comments about how much has learned are interesting for a variety of reasons. Initially it is because there is no mention of his time with the Raiders. That was kind of a disaster for all parties involved so I suppose it is not a surprise. What is more interesting, however, is that you can really get a feel for Moss' passion for learning.

Since the 49ers first signed Moss, there has been some concern expressed here and elsewhere about whether he would grow bored or anxious, and become a distraction. This would seem to indicate he is still feeling challenged, even when he is not the go-to guy. In a previous press conference I recall him speaking as well about how learning this type of offense brought out a whole new side of things. Although plenty of folks would like to see him more involved in the offense, he seems to be fairly satisfied with how things have developed thus far.