Alex, meet Wally Pipp.. He has a story to tell you.

All I can say about that game is Wow. After that performance by Kaep, no doubt the Alex haters will dust off their abandoned login names and start posting once more (and welcome back Alexisaverage and Hungry Hunter!)

First off, I am supremely glad that Alex was able to have the chance to rebuild/salvage his career and finally have the chance to work with a talented offensive minded guy like Harb. I always felt he got screwed over numerous times here and really has shown brass balls in the last 2 seasons. Ive never been an Alex hater, but I'll admit, he never made me feel confident as a passer.

Alex seems alot like my first truck, a 92 Toyota. It had a super efficient 4 cyl, and was tough, reliable and fast enough to get me pulled over going 95 mph driving home one night on a lonely Montana highway. That was a $5 ticket that I paid in full on the spot FYI. But now, put a big load in the back or try to pull a trailer, and it really wasnt a fun ride, you could call it lifeless even.

Kaep on the other hand seems like my current truck, a Titan Pro4x. It burns more gas warming up in the morning than my old Toy did driving around town all day, but I can hitch up a toy hauler, and fully loaded can effortlessly cruise at 65. Stuck behind someone that refuses to go 61? No problem, hit the gas and the engine screams to life and jumps you to 85 mph within a couple seconds for an easy pass, uphill even.

This article spells it out well. As Trotter points out, one game doesnt make a career, but this wasnt the Jets or Bills D he tore up, and VDs comment:

"I respect him, I love him, I'm so proud of him at that moment," Davis would say. "The ball that he threw me (his last reception, when he didn't get first down), it was one of those balls that you see Tom Brady throw. Second window, right on the money. I was surprised. I didn't expect the ball to come. We've run that play quite a few times, and the tight end usually doesn't get the ball on that play. But he saw it and he just put it there."

Kind of sums it up I think. Maybe Im reading to much into it, but I dont think so.

I pictured Steve Spagnuolo watching the game tonight, in slow motion his beer bottle drops from his rigid hand, the color draining from his face as the first quarter ends and he scrambles for his playbook and notepad. Hyperbole? I'll say no.

Its unrealistic to think that Kaep will perform lights out like this each outing, but looking at the success of 1 and 2 year QBs like Luck, Tannehill, Newton, Griffin and for godsake, Russell Wilson.. its not unrealistic to expect that he will be pretty flippin good, and more importantly, take this offense to a whole new level. Its like the Ferrari that can finally get into 6th gear.

Imagine Moss and Manningham and for fun, Kyle Williams catching balls thrown at high velocity, in the air for 45 yards, and in stride! No longer needing YAC to pile up yardage, and of course that opens up Crab in the slot, VD and Walker in the middle and the good ole 8 man in the box run D we used to see back in the day of Smash Mouth football? Ancient history.

Whatever ends up happening, Im sure todays game will put a knot in the gut of every playoff team's DC, and for good reason. This dude has the skills, and for the last year he's been taught by one of the best QB builders the NFL has right now. I will be excited to see what he can do on a regular basis.

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