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Golden Nuggets: More notes from rout of Bears, QB controversy on the rise?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


This is my first chance to write about the game for NN and man, what a game it was. I was shocked and flabbergasted at the result. It's not that I wasn't expecting a 49ers victory, I was. I just didn't expect the 49ers passing attack would demolish what has been one of the best, and definitely the most opportunistic defense in the NFL with our backup quarterback starting on short notice. Amazing! Colin Kaepernick did more than I ever imagined he would in his first start and Aldon Smith looked like the best defender in the NFL. He now leads the league in sacks. Unstoppable is the only word to describe his play on Monday night.

So there's one hot topic that everyone is talking about and that's QB controversy. Is there a QB controversy? Should there be? Would it be fair for Alex Smith to lose his job after an injury, especially when he's completed 99.99999% of his throws recently. I'm not even sure where I stand on the situation, but I do know one thing...Colin Kaepernick made some throws that Alex Smith would never try, let alone complete. The corner to Kyle Williams was a thing of beauty. The touchdown to Michael Crabtree was a perfect throw. What about the pass to Vernon Davis along the left side (not sure what route it was, I've only seen the highlights, going to watch the game when I finish the Nuggets). The Bears, however, do not show a lot of defensive variety. The Saints do. Alex Smith has the experience to read the Saints D, but Colin Kaepernick tore up a top-flight defense, while Alex stunk it up against the Giants. What to do? We'll soon find out.

There's a lot of links today, folks, so I'm going to blast into them. Sorry, no comments. Do you even care?

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Week 11 game notes (

Grading the week 11 victory over the Chicago Bears (Inman)

Colin Kaepernick plays like prime-time player (Mercury News)

Quarterback Controversy?

49ers vs Saints: Is there a QB controversy in San Francisco? (Bay Area SB Nation)

Vernon Davis quote has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick (Brady)

49ers QB controversy: Harbaugh's decision isn't all that difficult (Gin)

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Assorted 49ers News

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The 49ers' defense asserts themselves as No. 1 in the NFL (DeSimone)

Aldon Smith wants Von Miller to know who leads the league in sacks (ProFootballTalk)

Harbaugh cancels call for follow-up heart evaluation (Maiocco)

49ers add S Eddie Whitley to practice squad (

The 49ers amazing week (Cohn)

Division / League / Power Rankings

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NFL power rankings: How the voted

Videos / Assorted Media

BASGcast (episode 9): Team Kaepernick or Team Smith? (BASG)

Press pass: Vernon Davis (

Press pass: Aldon Smith (

Cover 2: 49ers vs Bears (

Kaepernick shines in 49ers victory (

Locker room speech: 49ers vs Bears (

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