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NFL Power Rankings Week 12

Video Power Rankings for this last week of NFL action.

This is the part of the introduction in which I talk about Aldon Smith. So here it goes, Aldon Smith, Aldon Smith, and Aldon Smith. Also, Aldon and Smith. Aldon. Smith.

I don't care if it's gibberish or nonsense, but everybody should talk about Aldon Smith. I do in the power rankings video. I will to my grandmother. I will to my pet cat. The man is a beast, and last night's performance should be the talk of the town. Colin Kaepernick will obviously get a huge chunk of 49ers-related discussion, and rightly so. He had a great game. But I really don't want that to be at the expense of Aldon. A historic game for a player who should win all sorts of awards.

On to the rankings.

1) Houston Texans

2) Atlanta Falcons

3) San Francisco 49ers

4) Denver Broncos

5) Green Bay Packers

6) Chicago Bears

7) Baltimore Ravens

8) Seattle Seahawks

9) New England Patriots

10) New York Giants

11) New Orleans Saints

12) Minnesota Vikings

13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14) Pittsburgh Steelers

15) Indianapolis Colts

16) Dallas Cowboys

17) Cincinnati Bengals

18) Arizona Cardinals

19) St. Louis Rams

20) Detroit Lions

21) New York Jets

22) Tennessee Titans

23) San Diego Chargers

24) Buffalo Bills

25) Miami Dolphins

26) Washington Redskins

27) Philadelphia Eagles

28) Carolina Panthers

29) Oakland Raiders

30) Cleveland Browns

31) Jacksonville Jaguars

32) Kansas City Chiefs