Similiar Stats

16 for 23, 243 yards and 2 touchdowns. These numbers sound familiar? Colin Kaepernick had a phenomenal game, better than anyone could have expected. But his stats are eerily familiar aren't they? That's because we've been seeing them all year. If I told you these were Alex Smith's stats, would you tell me I'm crazy?

Alex Smith's rarely throws for 300, almost never actually. He barely hit 200 yards to be honest, but since Harbaugh became the coach, Smith has consistently thrown for 150 to 250 yards and completed about 60-70% of his passes. With Smith your guaranteed a touchdown a game, he averaged one a game last year and is averaging a little over one a game this year.

With Kaepernick at quarterback, your guaranteed a lot of excitement, that's for sure. But let's be real for a second. I didn't record the game, so I couldn't go back and count, but I did see the Bears several times line up with nine players in the box against Kaepernick. They were selling out for the run most of the game. Even after they were shell shocked in the first quarter they continued with their eight and nine man fronts.

Teams, for the most part, respect Alex Smith's arm; for this game, you'd be hard pressed to say the Bears respected Kaepernick's. When Kaepernick was announced the starter, all anyone mentioned was his legs, his legs, and his legs. After the game, even some Bears players were dumbfounded by how well Kaepernick played. Luckily, Harbaugh and Co. game planned perfectly with an aggressive attack and absolutely lit up one of the best defenses in the NFL.

My point is, take this performance with a grain of salt. The Bears completely whiffed on their gameplan for Kaerpernick, they sold out for the run and we aired it out. It doesn't get any easier than that. Will the next team whiff on Kaerpernick? I'll bet they don't.

But, don't take this as me taking a dump on Kaepernick, no way. The kid is a baller, straight up G, with all those sick tats on those long lanky arms. He gets me pumped up when he gets pumped up, jumping and hollering and fist pumping his way down the field. I believe he can be our starter. Whether it's Smith or Kaepernick, to me it doesn't matter. I just want to win.

After Monday night, considering us putting the league on notice. We want a superbowl and we want it last year. We can and will beat you with our second string quarterback if we have to.

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