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Jeff Tedford fired: How long until Greg Roman's name ends up in the mix?

With word that Jeff Tedford has been let go as head coach of the Cal Golden Bears, we look at what this could mean for offensive coordinator Greg Roman.


Amidst all the hubbub in the Bay Area surrounding the quarterback situation, Cal football head coach Jeff Tedford was fired on Monday after days and weeks of speculation about his future. Cal has struggled mightily and the move was not all that surprising.

Cal will now undergo what could prove to be a rather intensive search process. Tedford turned around a downtrodden Cal football program, and while they are struggling right now, it is still a pretty solid job opportunity. It is not the top of the coaching mountain, but it is a big step up for a lot of coaches.

I bring this up here at Niners Nation because I would not be at all surprised to see Greg Roman's name join the conversation. Right now we are only seeing suggested candidates in the media, but at some point the rumors will pop up about the working list.

This past offseason, Roman was in the mix for the Penn State job, but ended up not getting it. I don't know if he withdrew his name from consideration or PSU decided he wasn't the right fit, but it would seem like he is looking to get a head coaching job of his own.

One question of course is whether he wants to try and secure an NFL job or a college job. The money and pre If college is on his radar, Cal makes some sense. Although Roman is an east coast guy, he got plenty of experience at Stanford, so he'd have some Pac-12 experience to build on.

The 49ers coaching staff has been a big part of their turnover the last season and a half. This means it is inevitable that they will start to lose coaches.