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49ers vs. Saints spread: Colin Kaepernick news alters line

We break down the 49ers-Saints spread in light of the news that Colin Kaepernick may be starting on Sunday.


The late breaking news tonight is that Colin Kaepernick has been named the starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints. Trent Dilfer has a moderately conflicting report of his own on ESPN, indicating that Alex Smith told him that Harbaugh simply said Kaepernick would get first team reps, but was not completely locked in as Sunday's starter. It could just be a semantics debate, but that's where things stand right now.

However, oddsmakers are taking note of all this news and adjusting lines accordingly. According to Odds Shark, the 49ers initially opened as 2 1/2 point favorites over the Saints. Now, the line has dropped to a pick 'em with some sites and taken off the board entirely at other sites.

As this news gets solidified, I'm not really sure where this line can go from here. If Kaepernick does indeed start, he gets the benefit of a god-awful Saints defense, but he also gets the challenge of going into the Superdome where it can get mighty noisy. These Saints have bounced back from a rough start, and now they face the team that stunned them in the playoffs last season. It should make for a pretty wild Sunday.