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Thanksgiving AM game thread: Lions look to hang around wild card race

We take a look at the Lions-Texans Thanksgiving day matchup, and provide an open thread for discussion.


Happy Thanksgiving football everybody! Given the spread out nature of today's three games, I've decided to go with three game threads. The second game thread will open up at 1pm, just before the start of Redskins-Cowboys at 1:15pm. The third game thread will open up at 5pm, just before the start of Patriots-Jets at 5:20pm. We'll have some other content during the day, but mostly this will be a day to eat a lot of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc and enjoy some football.

Obviously people will want to also be talking about the quarterback situation. We'll continue to have the previous Colin Kaepernick content in the cover, so try and save these game threads for game chatter if at all possible.

This first game should be a good matchup. The Detroit Lions get their annual Thanksgiving game, but have to face the 9-1 Houston Texans. The Texans are coming off a tight win over a bad Jacksonville Jaguars squad, and now get to face what should be considered a big boy offense in the Lions. The Texans actually have a chance to clinch a playoff spot this week, although it would require losses or ties by the Titans, Dolphins, Jets, Bengals and either the Chargers or Steelers.

The Lions are teetering on the edge of the NFC playoff picture, sitting two games back of the Seahawks, Vikings and Bucs for the final wild card spot. There is still plenty of football to be played, but the Lions can't afford to drop too much further back if they want to make the playoffs. I personally prefer they not make the playoffs, but that's just me.

Happy Thanksgiving!