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Thanksgiving afternoon game thread: RGIII leads Redskins into Dallas

We break down the Redskins-Cowboys Thanksgiving game, and provide an open thread for discussion

Patrick Smith

We're back with the second game thread of Thanksgiving. It's 4pm out here in DC, while it's 1pm back in the Bay Area. I'm guessing a lot of you have not yet begun to eat. I'm kind of glad I'm scheduling these out ahead of time. Right about now there's a 50/50 chance I'm passed out and trying to recover in time for dessert. Although, I suppose that depends on how early we start eating.

The Redskins and Cowboys are the second game of the Thanksgiving triple-header. The division rivals have both had their ups and downs, but they remain in the playoff chase. The Cowboys have won two straight to improve to 5-5, and now sit only a game back of the Giants in the NFC East, and a game back of the Seahawks, Bucs and Vikings in the wild card chase. Of course, they are a few Tony Romo miscues from blowing it all up in their face, so we'll see what Thanksgiving brings.

The Redskins defeated the Eagles last week to snap a three-game losing streak and improve to 4-6. They have had some incredibly exciting play from Robert Griffin III, but their overall consistency has not been there. I believe this might mark RGIII's first NFL game on national television, although I could be mistaken. I'm hoping for a show.