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Thanksgiving evening game thread: Patriots look to stick a fork in Rex Ryan, Jets

We break down the Patriots-Jets Thanksgiving day matchup, and provide an open thread for discussion.

Jim Rogash

The NFL wraps up its Thanksgiving triple-header with a pair of old friends squaring off. Rex Ryan and the Jets host Bill Belichick and the Patriots in a division matchup that could go a long way to ending the Jets playoff hopes. Although the Patriots have had greater success than the Jets over the last ten years, this has had its moments as a decent rivalry. Of course, given the general train wreck of a situation in New York, it's not exactly much of a rivalry for now.

Hopefully folks aren't too passed out at this point. The QB stuff got us all fired back up last night, but a little tryptophan can knock anybody on their butt. Whatever the case, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the game.