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Black Friday: Finding any goodies for the remainder of football season?

We take a look at a Samsung contest and what people are getting on Black Friday to get ready for the final couple months of the football season.

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Now that Thanksgiving is officially in the rear-view mirror, Black Friday is upon us. That of course means people get to do battle to get the best bargains they can. Personally I'd pay more just to sleep in, but I guess I can see the need to get out early to save some bucks.

I swung by Best Buy an hour ago and while it was busy, it wasn't overwhelmingly so. They actually had a pair of cops keeping an eye on people. Not particularly surprising, but nonetheless an amusing state of affairs.

I was looking around for some home theater options as I would like to add some kind of sound system for my football Sundays, and of course for movies and the like. I split a four bed room apartment with roommates, so I can't go too crazy, but I have a few ideas.

In the meantime, the Samsung Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes has been extended. Originally the contest was going to end on Sunday, but it has been extended to December 3. If you win, you get a living room makeover with $10,000-$15,000 worth of Samsung products and remodeling. You can check out some of the deals Samsung is offering on their Black Friday page. Enter the Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes here.

Have you made any Black Friday additions for the rest of football season? If you're looking for a fun deal, you can get these Justin Smith prints for $35.