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Post-Thanksgiving college football open thread

We take a look at post-Thanksgiving sports and open a thread for discussion.

Tom Pennington

I always forget that the Friday after Thanksgiving features a whole assortment of sports. College football has five ranked teams going today. No. 7 LSU is down in Fayetteville taking on Arkansas as we speak, while Iowa is hosting No. 14 Nebraska late in the fourth quarter. We've also got a pair of rivalry games later today with No. 24 Arizona hosting Arizona State and Washington State hosting No. No. 25 Washington.

The day also features an assortment of college basketball with 13 ranked teams taking part in a variety of "pre-season" tournaments. We're not a basketball blog, but I figure some folks might be checking those out as well today. It's a day to relax from the big eating yesterday, and also to start enjoying leftovers. I'm one turkey sandwich into my leftovers, so I figure I'm off to a solid start.

We'll have plenty of content today (including a live stream of Coach Harbaugh's 1:45pm press conference), but I figured I'd get an open thread up for the random musings of the day after Thanksgiving.