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49ers vs. Saints TV schedule: Where to watch in Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil

We break down some of the international viewing options for the 49ers Week 12 matchup against the Saints.


The NFL schedule features a fairly limited number of decent viewing options for the 1:05/1:25pm time slot, which benefits 49ers and Saints fans. Given the relatively high profile nature of this game, it will be available for fans to view in a wide variety of locations. Our friends at provide a rundown of viewing options in the United States, but as always, I want to get some international viewing options for 49ers fans around the world.

This is far from a comprehensive list as there are a lot of countries and a lot of networks. If you know of viewing options in a specific country, please post the information in the comments, including the name of the network so I can try and find a tv schedule page to bookmark.

Canada (A Rouge Point): Citytv, SN East and RDS2

United Kingdom: Sky Sports, BBC Radio 5 Live

Brazil: ESPN and ESPN+

Asian markets: All Sports Network (ASN) - available across Asia, except China and Japan

I believe the game is also showing on Armed Forces Network in Europe, but I'm not quite sure how it works exactly. It is showing on AFN Sports as the AFN Fans' Choice Game of the Week, but I don't quite know where exactly that means it is airing. If you re in the military and have an idea about that, please let me know in the comments.