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Colin Kaepernick to start vs. Saints - Try not to be too shocked

We take a look at the news that Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints.


Albert Breer reported for NFL Network that he too has confirmed what Jim Trotter reported earlier today: Colin Kaepernick will start for the 49ers against the New Orleans Saints. This is not exactly shocking information, and I had actually heard something similar from a guy I know. It had developed into one of the worst kept secrets around the league, and while the 49ers are not likely to come out and say Kaep is starting, it is going to happen.

The interesting question for me is whether or not Alex Smith will be active. If he was given final medical clearance from his concussion, there is really no reason not to have him active as the backup. If that's the case, it will be interesting to see how this situation develops following today's game against the Saints. If Kaepernick has a big game, the Kaep era could be in full effect. If he struggles, does the team quickly go back to Alex Smith? Jim Harbaugh indicated he was inclined to go with the "hot hand", so I suppose Smith could end up back behind center at some point.

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