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49ers vs. Saints: Second quarter game thread

We break down the first quarter and open a thread for second quarter discussion.

Thearon W. Henderson

The 49ers and Saints are headed into the second quarter with the score 7-7. The game opened with two Saints punts and a 49ers punt before the offenses finally figured some things out. Colin Kaepernick did in fact get the start and put together a strong drive for the 49ers score. Kaepernick connected on a pair of big passes to Mario Manningham and then ran in a quarterback keeper for the score.

The Saints responded on their next drive as Drew Brees found his receivers to easily move the ball on the 49ers defense. The drive was capped by a short touchdown pass to David Thomas to even up the game.

The 49ers have the ball back to start the second quarter and have gained a first down on a nice catch and run by Bruce Miller after Kaepernick scrambled around. So far so good, so we'll see if they can keep this up.