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49ers vs. Saints: First half recap, third quarter thread

We break down the 49ers-Saints first half, and open a thread for third quarter discussion.

Chris Graythen

The 49ers and Saints are through the first half and we've got a solid game developing. I don't know if it will live up to the instant classic in last year's playoffs, but so far it's a nail-biter. Through 30 minutes of play, the 49ers and Saints are tied at 14, with the 49ers getting the ball to start the second half.

The 49ers looked to be in trouble late in the second quarter as they trailed 14-7 and Colin Kaepernick threw a pick with a little over 38 seconds to go. The Saints had a chance to build on their lead, but two plays later, Brees threw an interception to Ahmad Brooks, and the 49ers linebacker ran it back for a 50-yard touchdown return. That tied things up at 14 and sets us up for a big second half.

The 49ers head into the second half having spent the first half focused more on the pass than the run. The Saints present arguably the worst rush defense in the NFL, and the 49ers rushed Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter a combined six times. The Saints are filling up the box on some of the traditional rushing downs, so Kaepernick is going to have to continue making plays to open up the run game in the second half. I still think the 49ers need to better establish the run to win this thing, but we'll see what the second half brings.