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Sunday Night Football open thread

Sunday Night Football open thread and pertinent playoff implications

Al Bello

The 49ers late start got us a little closer to Sunday Night Football than I expected, but I want to get a game thread up nonetheless. We've got plenty of space for 49ers-Saints/QB discussion elsewhere, so this is more for the Packers-Giants game, and of course the playoff implications it brings.

I can see arguments for hoping for a win by both teams. The Packers are 7-3 and sit a half game back of the 49ers. A Packers loss drops them a game and a half back, although the Bears will still be a half game back of the 49ers themselves. The Giants have been the 49ers kryptonite recently, so a loss there drops them further back. Of course, the NFC East is pretty mediocre, so I'm not sure if the Giants will be losing that division anytime soon.

The 49ers handled their business, so we can afford to pick and choose at this point. Who you rooting for in this one?