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Day of Revelations! Kyle Williams injury, QB situation get some clarification

We break down the news about Kyle Williams knee injury and Jim Harbaugh's discussion about the QB position at his Monday press conference.

Stacy Revere

Although the 49ers organization has generally been fairly tight-lipped under the Harbaalke regime, we got some interesting info today via Twitter and Jim Harbaugh's press conference.

After much speculation about the state of his knee, Kyle Williams cleared the air

It really is a shame to see this happen. Injuries suck no matter what, but Kyle Williams had battled back from the depths of his fumbles last year and was making an impact on the 2012 49ers. Whatever his ceiling, he has shown a ton of heart and there is no doubting that he will battle back from this injury.

Williams is signed through next season, so we'll see how he comes back from this injury. A torn ACL is always tough, and it is rather difficult to pinpoint an exact recovery timeline. We saw Adrian Peterson back in near record time, but others have taken longer with setbacks. Hopefully Kyle is on the short end of the recovery timeline.

The other news comes courtesy of Jim Harbaugh. He spoke to the media earlier this afternoon and stated that he would "probably" announce the starting quarterback for Sunday on Wednesday. He specifically pointed to not wanting the players to be pestered about the position, thus the reason for a planned announcement mid-week. The 49ers hit the practice field on Wednesday, so that allows for one QB to get the needed number one reps to get ready for Sunday.

We'll have Coach Harbaugh's full transcript later today, but he had a variety of interesting comments about the situation. He was asked about Smith saying he wanted to start, and he made some very accurate comments. He said Smith was in a lose-lose situation because in saying something about wanting to start people get all over him. At the same time, some analysts wanted Smith to raise a bigger stink about it. Either way it's a lose-lose.

At least with a potential Wednesday QB announcement, we'll get a better idea of what's going on and can move past late week speculation.