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Monday Night Football game thread: Panthers Watch goes prime time

We break down Monday Night Football and its impact on 49ers draft positioning.

The NFL wraps up Week 12 with a brutal Monday Night Football matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles. I actually think this could turn into an entertaining game, but the NFL definitely cannot be happy about a matchup between teams that are a combined 5-15. I wonder if they'll ever add flex options for Monday Night Football?

I've posted some video above with an updated look at the playoff picture if you need some additional entertainment for the game. This game has no bearing on the playoff race as the odds are pretty slim for either team to climb back into this race.

At the same time, this game does have some bearing on the 49ers. After all, we still have Panthers Watch 2012. For those not aware, the 49ers hold the Carolina Panthers third round draft choice in the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft.

While a third round pick might not be as exciting as a first or second round pick, a high third round pick still carries a decent amount of weight. The worse the Panthers do, the better for the 49ers. A Panthers loss tonight would drop them in to a tie with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the third worst record in the NFL, behind only the 1-10 Kansas City Chiefs. A Panthers win moves them into a tie with the Eagles, Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns.