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Golden Nuggets: Kendall Hunter done for year, NaVorro Bowman contract extension

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Norm Hall

Good morning, USA. How's things going there? It's starting to heat up here in Melbourne. Tomorrow will be the first day over 100 degrees. Except that we don't have an ozone here, so it feels like 120. So next time Thanksgiving day rolls around, be thankful for your ozone layer. It's pretty sweet.

There's a lot of news from yesterday. Kendall Hunter has been placed on IR to go along with Kyle Williams. I wonder how often two players have sustained season-ending injuries on the same play? Then we have NaVorro Bowman getting a contract extension to keep him with the 49ers through 2018. There's the report that the team is trying out kickers to replace the slumping David Akers. One of the supposed invitees makes the hair on my neck stand up thinking about him going for a crucial kick. Scroll down to find out. And, of course, what would a current edition of the Nuggets be without some QB controversy. I've got some thoughts and comments with the links and there's so many of them so I'll keep it short up here at the top. It's all there, folks, links by the cubic-metric-butt-ton. I hope I don't get in trouble for that. And with all the work I did today, I'm taking it easy tomorrow. I'll simply have 15k links to sort through in regards to the QB announcement. Until then...

Week 12: 49ers 31, Saints 21

Matt Maiocco has some final words on the Saints game. Mario Manningham caught every pass thrown his way, while Vernon Davis came up blank. | Offensive review: Delanie Walker, Mario Manningham deliver (Maiocco)

Quarterback Situation

Here's a good piece from Don Banks at on the history of quarterback changes and Super Bowl winning teams. Everyone is quick to throw the Tom Brady - Drew Bledsoe comparison around, but there are numerous other instances to look back on. Doug Williams for instance. | Opinions still split on Colin Kaepernick move, but history backs Harbaugh (Banks)

Coach Harbaugh will apparently announce the starting QB for week 13 against the Rams today. He's citing what every single one of us already knows, and that is that it will relieve a lot of pressure from not only the chosen starter, but the entire team. | Harbaugh expected to name Colin Kaepernick the 49ers' starter (CBS Sports)

Tim Kawakami gives us a ton of reasons why it's obvious that Coach Harbaugh is going to name Colin Kaepernick his starting quarterback later today. He's got some good points. | Last add before Wednesday's announcement: Colin Kaepernick is already the starting QB, how is this in doubt any more (Kawakami)

Linsanity. Tebowmania. Kaeperbonkers? Now I've heard everything. | Infected with Kaeperbonkers? It's sick (SF Gate)

I wonder how much this actually says about the situation. To me it says a lot. | Hint hint? Kaepernick jumping on Rams media conference calls (49erswebzone)

Coach Harbaugh to announce this week's starting quarterback Wednesday (Mercury News)

Reaching back for 49ers' QB parallels (Sando)

Coach speak: Quotes from Harbaugh (SF Gate)

Harbaugh on Alex Smith as the 49ers starting QB - symbolically and probably only temporarily even at that (Kawakami)

No 49ers QB controversy in locker room, Gore and Whitner say (Mercury News)

Just say it, Coach: It's Kaepernick (

Darwin wins: Harbaugh basing QB decision on skills, not sentiment (Branch)

Injury News

Another devastating blow on the injury front for the 49ers. First Kyle Williams was ruled out for the year following knee injury against the Saints. Kendall Hunter was injured on the same play, and to the casual viewer and most pundits following the game, it didn't seem to be too serious. Not so fast. He's out for the year with an achilles tendon tear. | Hunter suffers torn achilles according to report (Bay Area SB Nation)

While it's been mostly bad news on the injury front this week, following a surprisingly injury-free year, there is some good news going around. Delanie Walker appears to be moving fine. | Dalanie Walker walking fine after hip bruise (Bay Area SB Nation)

What will the team do now that Hunter is gone for the year? It doesn't seem probable that they'll simply give all of his carries to Frank Gore. We need Gore rested and healthy for our postseason run. I'd really like to see LaMichael James get on the field. I have no idea if he can pass-block, but I know he can catch the ball and move in space. Darren Sproles gets so many touches without getting a ton of carries. Might we be looking at a similar approach? Or do we simply bump Anthony Dixon to No. 2 and Brandon Jacobs to No. 3? | 49ers' RB carries breakdown will take an interesting turn (Bay Area SB Nation)

BASG has some views and ideas about who will pick up the slack with Williams and Hunter gone. Every name in the book is bandied about and I'm going to go on record here as saying there will be a surprise, a wrinkle if you will, like maybe Jewell Hampton lining up in the slot or Michael Crabtree running the read-option. Mad scientist-stylie! | With Williams and Hunter on IR, which 49ers will pick up slack? (BASG)

Matt Maiocco has his take on how the 49ers will replace Hunter and Williams. fingers are getting callouses here. I mean, Hunter and Williams injuries, Colin Kaepernick vs Alex Smith, NaVorro Bowman getting an extension. Wednesday is supposed to be my slow day! | How do 49ers replace Hunter, Williams (Maiocco)

49ers seek RB depth after losing Kendall Hunter for season (SF Gate)

49ers prepared to deal with injuries (

Roster News

Here's a good sign for the future of the 49ers' defense. NaVorro Bowman has been resigned through 2018. That's right folks. Now we can finally stop all the questions about what the team will do with Bowman...I know there was a lot of concern about whether or not we could afford him and Willis. The answer is yes. | NaVorro Bowman signs extension through 2018 (Gin)

OK, so NaVorro Bowman gets a contract extension. What does that mean for the rest of the roster. Well, for one, Alex Smith would be a very expensive backup if Colin Kaepernick wrestles the job from him on a permanent basis, wouldn't he? | Does Bowman signing increase the chances of Alex Smith being traded / cut? (Brady)

Now that Bowman has re-upped for the long run, what's left? Dashon Goldson has got to be tops on the list. At this point it's looking like it might have been cheaper to sign him last season. I know the FO wanted to wait and make sure it wasn't a fluke season. He's played great and is getting a lot of attention in the national news media. There's no logical replacement at this point. But, if he signs somewhere else for a ton of money I have to say I wouldn't be hurt by it. He's earning it. | 49ers' to-do list lighter after Bowman deal

Matt Barrows has his roster notes. He notes that LaMichael James is similar in game and size to Kendall Hunter. I think he's got to get on the field. I already said that, didn't I? | 49ers still have open roster spot after busy day of transactions (Barrows)

Are the 49ers trying out place kickers? That's what some reports are suggesting, though no names have been mentioned. David Akers continues to make me more and more unwilling to trust him with a game-winner. | 49ers look at kickers as Akers struggles (Maiocco)

Ah, so now we have the names of the culprits. Apparently the 49ers are trying out Nate Kaeding and Billy Cundiff as kickers. Well, not right now. They're asleep. (Note: I'm writing this while you're asleep) | Report: 49ers try out Kaeding, Cundiff with Akers slumping (Branch)

RB Jewel Hampton activates; WR Ricardo Lockette an option for 53-man roster (CBS Sports)

49ers sign Chad Hall to practice squad (Maiocco)

Agent Drew Rosenhaus on Bowman deal: "49ers outsmart a lot of people with the way they manage the salary cap" (Mercury News)

If you want to keep all your good players, you have to get deals done now (Barrows)

NaVorro Bowman wanted to keep playing alongside Patrick Willis (SF Gate)

Bowman eager to build legacy (

League / Division / Power Rankings

Mike Sando's stock watch has three 49ers on it. Colin Kaepernick, Ahmad Brooks and Ted Ginn Jr. are the three. I'll let you take a guess who falls in the risers categories and who is the faller. | NFC West stock watch (Sando)

Power rankings: How they voted (Sando)

49ers remain second but get three first-place votes in AP NFL power rankings (Mercury News)

AP Pro32 comments about 49ers (Yahoo!)

Videos / Assorted Media

BASGCast (episode 10): Kap's 49ers, Stanford's roses, and Bogut's ankle (BASG)

Trent Baalke on 95.7 the Game (

49ers total access: Show #15 (

Press pass: Donte Whitner (

One on one with NaVorro Bowman (

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