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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick named starter for Week 13

Thursday, November 29, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Chris Graythen

Good morning, everyone. Well Coach Harbaugh finally came out and said something that we already knew. Colin Kaepernick has been named the starter for this weekend's game against the Rams. We all hope to exact a little payback for that draw which, while annoying, has at least eliminated my need to pour over tie-breaker scenarios for the final two weeks of the season. Well....Green Bay beat a JV field hockey team in a friendly, but it was overcast, and the Cardinals have three players named Dave so we have to play the UNLV Runnin' Rebels at basketball with Larry Johnson dressed as Grandmama in the Wild Card round. OK....I kid.....but saves me a lot of stress!

I mentioned earlier that I was gonna be quick yesterday. I did it in joke form to soften you up, so none of you would complain too hard when I .... BAM!!!! .... make a quick edition of the Nuggets. Mr. Malone is a busy man these days. To the links.....

Quarterback Situation

This is one of those deals where every single writer on every single news outlet has the same story. It happens. I'm trying to pick ones that have more than just the simple facts and actually have an analysis, because, you already know that Colin Kaepernick was named the starter against the Rams and that's it. This story is long if nothing else. | Harbaugh picks Kaepernick as 49ers starting QB over Smith; is it a gamble? (CBS Sports)

Matt Maiocco has a story on the day's topic. There's a comparison of Smith and Kaepernick by the numbers and a video embedded. Enjoy. | Harbaugh going with Kaepernick Sunday (Maiocco)

Here's the scoop, but there's also some transcript of the interview with Kaepernick. | Kaepernick will make third straight start, nothing promised beyond that (Inman)

Here's Maiocco again. This one has quotes from many of the 49ers' key players reacting to the news of Kaepernick being named the starter. | Kaepernick: 'It's a great chance to lead this team' (Maiocco)

Another national media piece on our young signal caller. This one is from SI's Jim Trotter, who half of you owe an apology to for saying he was full of crap for his initial Kaep tweet. I wrote the last sentence because I knew it would generate 37 comments, half accusatorial and half in self-defense. Fight amongst yourselves about yourselves.... mwah hah hah. | Colin Kaepernick amazing teammates with every big play, performance (

Maiocco again with transcripts from Harbaugh's conversation with the media. | Kaepernick's 'hot hand' tipped scales, Harbaugh says. (Maiocco)

A lot of notes on the situation and Colin Kaepernick's early returns. | Early analysis on Colin Kaepernick (SF Gate)

Harbaugh's QB decision all about playoffs, Super Bowl (Maiocco)

Harbaugh sticks with Kaepernick (Inman)

The 49ers' QB call: It's Colin Kaepernick (obviously) (Kawakami)

Numbers explain Harbaugh's QB rationale better than tight-lipped coach (Branch)

Gunslinger's mentality: Kaepernick's got it, Smith does not (Barrows)

Colin Kaepernick choice comes with risk (Mercury News)

Week 12: 49ers 31, Saints 21

Hey, here's my article. Everyone should read it because I worked hard on it. I know, it's Thursday and you're more interested in the Rams game than last week's Saints game, but.... I'll quit the Nuggets if every one of you doesn't at least click on this. We have ways of tracking it. When you signed the waiver saying you wouldn't drop the f-bomb you also agreed to let us implant microchips in your eyes. Sorry... | 49ers vs Saints postgame: Defense leads the way as Colin Kaepernick shows he's ready for the big show (Malone)

Week 13: 49ers at Rams

Jeff Fisher has chimed in on Justin Smith's alleged propensity at grabbing. They say there's holding on every single play in the NFL. Remember what happened last time a coach called out Smith. Oh yeah....we got are butts handed to us on a platter with a side of cole slaw by the Giants. Let's hope this one's different. | Fisher says Justin Smith does a great job in the 'grab game' (Barrows)

Fisher says he's preparing for both quarterbacks. Maybe we'll throw a wrinkle at them and have Alex Smith play the Tebow role. | Fisher: Rams are preparing for both QBs; analyzed Justin Smith's 'grab game' (Inman)

49ers-Rams preview (Yahoo!)

Injury Situation

Take a look at this injury report. We know we lost two guys to IR and both Kendall Hunter and Kyle Williams will be missed. But the number of key players with nagging injuries is starting to pile up, as it does for most teams this time of the season. So, let's go and secure the first-round bye...please! | Injury report: Delanie Walker the lone DNP for 49ers (Bay Area SB Nation)

So it looks like the working out of bad kickers has more to do with David Akers' injury than his poor play. We'll have to see where this goes. | Akers ailing, 49ers could sign temporary replacement (Barrows)

49ers notes: Akers returns to practice, etc. (Maiocco)

Assorted News

The 49ers gave up zero sacks against the Saints last Sunday. One of the reasons appears to be Colin Kaepernick's ability to detect pressure and move around. Alex Smith took a lot of sacks this season. Our O-line was ranked 31st in adjusted sack rate by Football Outsiders and I can't be bothered to double check right now as it's still 102 degrees outside. It's something to watch over the remaining 5 games of the season. Oh, the O-line won an award for protection, as well. Did they get better, or did Kaep have a hand in this? | 49ers named week 12 top protectors (

This article has a little write up about the team, but there's a video embedded entitled: "Bigger story: Kaepernick or 49ers D" | 49ers reign supreme; Norv Turner's agonizing fall (

Updated Super Bowl odds (Yahoo!)

A.J. Jenkins could get his first opportunity on Sunday (Lynch)

Coach's notebook: Nov. 28 (

A.J. Jenkins, LaMichael James ready for the call (


The remix: 49ers vs Saints (

Press pass: Jim Harbaugh (

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

Harbaugh names Kaepernick starter (

Conference call: Rams CB Cortland Finnegan (

Conference call: Rams HC Jeff Fisher (

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