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Colin Kaepernick talks about getting the starting job vs. Rams

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick met with the media after Jim Harbaugh announced he would get the starting nob against the St. Louis Rams. We take a look at his comments.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick met with the media before practice on Wednesday and following Jim Harbaugh's announcement that he would be the starting quarterback against the St. Louis Rams. We've got video of the interview above, as well as a transcript below. For those wondering about that last question regarding "Vernon Davis' coconut juice", Davis endorses Vita Coco. I'm not really sure where that question came from, but whatever.

Alex Smith normally meets with the media on Wednesday, but he was apparently getting some treatment and will reportedly talk to the media today.

QB Colin KaepernickPress Conference - November 28, 2012San Francisco 49ers

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Well, you found out Saturday night that you would be starting, how did you find out this week? How were you told?

"Earlier today, [head coach Jim Harbaugh] coach told the team that I would start this week."

How do you feel?


Are you surprised at all by the decision?

"I'm just happy to be back out on the field."

Did he give any indication that you'd be the starter for the rest of the season or if it's week-to-week?

"He didn't tell us that."

Do you need to know so you don't have to go through this every week?

"That's going to be up to him."

How was QB Alex Smith through it?

"Alex has been great, our relationship hasn't changed."

How has he helped you get to the position where you are today, Alex?

"He's helped me a lot. He helped me a lot last year going through our playbook. How we're going to read different things, different progressions, things like that. So, he's been a great help to getting me to where I am right now."

Did he have anything to say to you today?

"We really haven't talked since it got announced, we just went on lunch."

Are you eager to have another shot at the Rams? The way that game went in overtime and some guys in here say they didn't know the rule about overtime?

"Yeah, I'm very eager to get back out there against them."


"Want to get a win this time."

Does it help you that you've seen them for a half, more than a half?

"Yeah, that will help."

What did coach say to you when he made the announcement?

"He just told the team, ‘Kap's going to be our starter this week.'"

Do you feel like you have a hot hand right now? That's the way he keeps putting it.

"I don't know if it's a hot hand or whatever you want to call it, but I'm just happy I get to go back out there."

Do you feel like you've improved since training camp?

"Yes, I feel like I have."

How have you become such an accurate passer? Did you work special drills? Because people say you are more accurate now than you were a year ago.

"I think it's just being comfortable with the offense and the receivers."

There was a report that you were out here, 8 o'clock Monday morning just hours after arriving back from New Orleans, running wind sprints with weights on your back. Is that true and is that typical or what's up with that?

"Yeah, that's part of my Monday routine. I go run, go lift, get in the ice tub, just make sure I'm ready for the next week."

Are you working harder than you have in the past or is this something you've always done? How would you characterize your work ethic?

"It's something I've always done. I think coming from the college I did, with the head coach I did, that was just something that he instilled in us is you have to work hard to go out and win games."

Starting for the 49ers, how does that compare with say your first playoff win in Stockton against Lincoln High School of Stockton?

"This is far beyond that, just very excited."

Could you elaborate a little bit more on just what this opportunity means to you and being the starter for the 49ers?

"It's a great chance to lead this team and show that we're a great team and we can go into the playoffs and win games."

If you get a hit on the head and it just happens to give you blurred vision or headaches, would you be likely to self-report it on the sidelines?

"I don't know. That's not something I think about."

When you came in, in your first game when Alex went out with the concussion, you said the one thing you wanted to better was your reads and you've had a couple more games to do that. Where do you think you are in that situation, just from two games?

"I feel good with them now. There was a couple reads that game that I missed that I wanted to hit, but I think moving forward I'll be better."

Anyone when you were growing up that you looked toward and said I want to be like that quarterback, or anybody you think you remind yourself of in your playing style?

"Well, I was actually a Packers fan growing up so I always watched Brett Favre. I loved the way that he played the game. He went out there and he had no fear of what the defense was going to do, he was going to go out there and take his shots."

Are you a gunslinger too?

"That's not for me to say."

You've began a new legacy with Pittman High School, do you hope to start a new legacy here with the 49ers?

"I hope so."

Has TE Vernon Davis' coconut juice made a difference in your play?

"I haven't had any of that."