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49ers vs. Rams Week 13 Fantasy Football Preview

Fantasy football is not for the weary especially if you are relying on a 49er or Ram to get into the playoffs. There were a few surprises in the last game, but can you trust anyone beyond Kaepernick and Gore?

Stacy Revere

It's been a crazy season, but we're finally here. The last week of most fantasy football leagues means it is do or die, put up or shut up, shake it or bake it. Good luck to those who need a win to get into the playoffs this weekend. Together, we'll get through this trying time...or we'll get our revenge in fantasy baseball.

If you're counting on any 49er or Ram outside of Colin Kaepernick or Frank Gore things might get ugly. There were a few fantasy worthy starts in the week 10 game. Steven Jackson went nuts with over 100 yards and a touchdown. Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree also turned in solid performances.

The only constant from the week 10 game is that Gore is still a good start. With Kendall Hunter not available the team may put the ball in Frank's hands 20+ times. Everyone else is hard to trust. Let's take a look at some of the players who are most likely to be started in Week 13.

Danny Amendola

He isn't a lock to play and if he does he could be limited once again. As of Wednesday's practice he was still in a walking boot. I'd try to find another option this week, but he did have 11 catches for over 100 yards in the last match. Even with that solid performance don't gamble on Amendola on Sunday with the playoffs on the line. You can still find good matchup plays on waivers like Cecil Shorts/Justin Blackmon against Buffalo or Ryan Broyles against a weak Indy pass defense.

Final Line: 5 receptions for 50 yards

Michael Crabtree

Kaepernick will get the start Sunday which is good news for the offense, but perhaps bad news for Crabtree's fantasy value. Normally a PPR maniac, Crabs has been kept under 3 receptions with Kaep at the controls. Colin's will to throw down field isn't helping, nor is his tendency to check for secondary receiving options. Even in PPR leagues Crabtree is a risky play and I would sit him in standard formats. Yes, I know he has scored in 5 straight games versus St. Louis, but his recent slump is worth noting. I actually have to make the choice between Crabtree, Brandon Lloyd and Kenny Britt for my WR3 this weekend. I'll just say that I'll be monitoring Julian Edelman's injury report with great focus.

Final Line: 4 receptions for 60 yards

Steven Jackson

Yeesh, you write off a guy for dead and he comes back to kill your team - or at least tie them. My bad Mr. Jackson, your game has been peeped, filed and recognized. SJax has rushed for over 80 yards in 3 straight games including two 100+ yard games. It's almost like he is auditioning for his 2013 team or perhaps he has something against me trading him at the beginning of the year. No matter his motivation I like his chances to be a top 20 rusher this week. He might not go over 80, but a TD is not out of the question.

Final Line: 75 yards rushing, 2 receptions for 15 yards and 1 TD

Colin Kaepernick

He keeps the starting gig for Sunday and will look to improve on his last performance against the Rams in week 10. The Rams defense is solid, especially the secondary (ask the Cardinals). The positive here is that even if he can't get the passing yards he will be able to run against this team.

Final Line: 270 passing yards, 40 rushing yards, 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD

Vernon Davis

The roller-coaster continues and Davis owners probably just want off the ride at this point. He came up big against Chicago, but failed to catch anything week 12. I'm normally a start your studs guy, but there are only 3 stud tight ends in the league and Vernon can't be counted among them. You are better off going with someone more consistently involved. Take a look at Mercedes Lewis or Greg Olsen who both have tasty matchups.

Final Line: 3 receptions for 50 yards


Mario Manningham

I am by no means suggesting you start Manningham, but he seems to be Kaepernick's weapon of choice. Things could get interesting with Kyle Williams out and Randy Moss potentially taking more snaps, but Mario did catch all his targets and led the team in receptions. This could be a sign of things to come and if you are in a 14 team or deeper league Manningham has decent upside.

Are you relying on any of these guys to get you a win this week? Leave a comment and we'll attempt to make sense of our plight.