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49ers vs. Cardinals 2012 recap: 2nd half discussion

re-watch the 49ers-Cardinals game and comment on it via Google+ Hangout. This post covers the second half of the game, starting at 11am PT on Saturday November 3. The first half was discussed previously.

Yesterday I took an hour and a half to re-watch the 49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football game, providing running play-by-play and commentary. I thought the commentary worked well, but trying to provide play-by-play was not a pretty picture. I don't have broadcasting experience, so it was like hearing an amateur do radio play-by-play. Take that however you want.

I do want to provide something for the second half, so for this one I'm going to still re-watch the game, but rather than hit up every single play, I'm going to focus more on just the color commentary and break down the more pertinent action. You don't need to know about every single play of the second half, so hopefully with this I can focus a bit more on just analysis.

If you get a chance to watch this live, feel free to drop comments in here, or hit me up on Twitter @ninersnation. If you miss the live viewing, feel free to watch it later. I don't know if I'll do this again, but there will at least be one example fo this available.