An open letter to Alex Smith.

Dear Alex Smith:

My handle is ak4niner. I have been a commenter on Niners Nation for about 1 year, and I have been a 49er fan since I was -4 years old. (Old joke.) I have followed the 49ers since the early eighties, have watched the great Montana, Rice, Young, Lott, Craig, etc. play. I have been through the decade-long slump that the 49ers brought me through as a fan, and have never wavered in my fandom. Even though I have never been to San Francisco, I am a 49er fan now and forever.

Ever since Jim "Mad Scientist" Harbaugh has taken over, I have followed more closely and immersed myself in more 49er lore. I was leery at first about the Mad Scientist. In all honesty, when I heard he wanted you to be the starting QB I was, to say the least, disappointed. I felt you needed a new venue, and that you were not the solution. I want to thank you for proving me wrong. I even commented on Niners Nation stating that I was wrong about you and that you had my support. And how did you thank me? You beat the Saints. Yes, I know that was not for me, but it was still a very impressive playoff game. Good-bye Alex "Game Manager" Smith; the title of "Game Manager" shall forever be removed from my view of you.

Then comes this season. You continue to improve. Did you have a few bad games? Sure. But even Drew "TD Pass" Brees can throw for 5 INT's. You go 18/19 against a good Defense. Then you get a concussion. Colin "Tattoo" Kaepernick comes in and plays beyond expectations. You get benched. It sucks.

Let me be completely honest with you. I firmly believed that Kaepernick is the Niners QBOTF. I am a Kaep "homer" if you will. I wanted him to be the season. I wanted you to lead the 49ers into a Superbowl and get us #6. I wanted you to get the glory you deserve and then get that big contract with another team.

I still think you can lead the Niners to #6, even as the #2 QB. Just continue to be the class act you are. Support Kaepernick in every way possible. Help him through the playoff pressures. Be ready to play if necessary. The media may give Kaepernick the accolades, but there will be those of us who will know what you did to get the team there. And some other team will bless you with a big contract when you are allowed to be traded. I will always root for you, unless you are playing the 49ers. (Just please, PLEASE don't play for the Cowboys or the Raiders; my head will explode.)

You are a class act. You have been through so many ups and downs the next roller coaster should be called the "Alex Smith". What I like about you is that you come out even stronger after every down. I will snag the title some of the people on Niners Nation have already given you, Alex "The Phoenix" Smith. I wish you the best, and hope you have a hall-of-fame career and a fantastic life.



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