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Golden Nuggets: Bye week blues, rookies missing in action

Sunday, November 4, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Well, with there being no game today, there really isn't any news. I'm going to use the opportunity to do a quick Nuggets and get on with some non-Niners Nation related chores. I'll pose a few questions to try to generate a bit of discussion on this slow news day. Has the first half of the season gone as you expected? What games are you most worried about in the second half? What record do you think we end up with at the end of the year?

I think 6-2 is about what I anticipated, although I didn't have us losing to the Vikings. I predicted an 11-5 season and now I might be inclined to go up to 12-4, partially because we've played well, partially because playing the Saints in New Orleans is no longer as menacing a prospect. I think I had allocated for two division losses at the start of the year, and I think that one might be a more appropriate answer at this point, with the game at Seattle being the most obvious choice. I was assuming we'd lose at Green Bay and at New England. I guess that New England game is the one that stands out. We've shown we can beat anyone anywhere, and the Cardinals have gone up there and won, so we are definitely in the running. What about the Bears game? Is there a sleeper game you think we could lost like at Saint Louis or the Dolphins game. Or do we end up asleep at the wheel when our playoff positioning is sewn up when Arizona comes to visit in week 17?....hmmm...what do you guys think?

Cam Inman gives us a big breakdown of the team halfway through the season and where we stand going forward. Worth the read from one of the 49ers' best beat writers. | 49ers' midseason report: Team Harbaugh right in the mix. (Inman)

A big question on everyone's mind is is this team as good as last season's. Some key indicators are up and some are down. One important thing to remember is that we were good enough to win it all last year, we came up just short. So, if this team is just as good, we've got a chance to win it all. This link is the audio from an interview with Alex Smith. | Alex Smith says this year's 49ers are better than last year's. (Pro Football Talk)

Another big question is what is the plan for our two highest draft choices? A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James have spent the entire first eight games of the season on the sideline. If we come up short of a title again this season, the question will have to be asked if it would not have been better to draft players to fill some needs as opposed to grooming players for the future. | Where are A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James? (Gin)

Mike Sando discusses why the 49ers suffer so many delay of game penalties. A reader asked him if it was Alex Smith, and the answer just might be yes. | The 49ers should read this item without delay.

Dashon Goldson not fined for huge hit on Early Doucet. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Without a doubt, these four will decide. (

Two energizing minutes with Patrick Willis. (Maiocco)

Being a Sheep

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