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Bye week broadcast maps: United States, international viewing options during 49ers bye week

We break down broadcast maps for the United States, Canada and the UK in advance of Week 9 NFL action during the 49ers bye week.


For the third straight Sunday, we do not have 49ers football on television. The last two Sundays were because of Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football, but even still, this has been a rather odd run of the schedule. The 49ers will actually have a run of four out of five weeks with no Sunday action because after the Sunday Rams game next week, the 49ers host the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

There is still plenty of "other" football to watch on Sunday. It's not quite the 49ers, but it's better than nothing. And if you've got fantasy football concerns, gambling concerns or just enjoy football on its own, it's a full slate for you today. I thought I'd post some pertinent links so you know what's airing in your neck of the woods.

United States

As always, remains the go-to spot for NFL broadcast maps of America. This week, CBS is imposing its will on most of America. In the morning, most folks get the Broncos-Bengals matchup. In the afternoon, there is one option: Steelers-Giants. The 49ers need Giants losses, so fans can root for the Steelers this one-time!

On a side note, if you don't have the NFL Red Zone channel, I strongly encourage you to get it. Aside from 49ers games, I really don't watch the network broadcasts anymore during the Sunday day periods.


The folks at A Rouge Point have become my go-to source for the NFL broadcasting schedule in the Great White North. Here is a rundown of all the Sunday action in Canada. I still don't comprehend all the channels up there, so interpret as you will:

1:00pm, Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers - TSN2
1:00pm, Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals - CTV (everywhere but southern Ontario), RDS
1:00pm, Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans - CTV Toronto, Kitchener
4:05pm, Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks - Citytv Winnipeg, Alberta, BC; SN Ontario
4:25pm, Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants - Citytv Toronto; SN East, West, Pacific; RDS
8:30pm, Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons - TSN, RDS

United Kingdom (and others with Sky Sports)

The UK gets access to a variety of options for viewing the NFL.

6:00pm GMT - Panthers vs. Redskins - Sky Sports
9:25pm GMT - Steelers vs. Giants - Sky Sports, BBC 5 Radio Live
1:20am GMT - Cowboys vs. Falcons - 4

I still haven't quite figured out how ESPN America works. I'm fairly certain they are showing games today, but nothing is appearing for it on their TV schedule. If somebody out there knows, feel free to drop the games in the comments.