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Vernon Davis and random acts of kindness

We take a look at some video of Vernon Davis wandering through a Santa Clara mall, taking pictures and paying for someone's goods.

49ers tight end Vernon Davis appears to be sticking around the Bay Area for at least part of the bye week as some recent video footage would seem to indicate. CSN Bay Area posted the above video, as well as part two below, showing Vernon Davis walking through a mall in Santa Clara out and having fun with folks.

Part 1 shows him paying somebody's bill at Aeropostale after it appears the person decided he couldn't afford some of the items. Throughout most of the first video it seems like few people are recognizing Davis. In the second video, that changes as he spends much of the time taking pictures with people and signing autographs.

It's pretty random video, but I'd imagine the people in the mall got quite a kick out of seeing Vernon Davis randomly walking through the mall. And you even get a few Vernon Davis dance moves in the first video. Good times for all!