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49ers press conference live stream: Jim Harbaugh

We provide a live stream and open thread for head coach Jim Harbaugh's Monday press conference following the 49ers bye week.

The 49ers do not return for an official practice until Wednesday, but Jim Harbaugh and the coaching staff are likely busy following the bye weekend. Coach Harbaugh will meet with the media at noon PT on Monday, with the players back for some availability on Tuesday.

The 49ers coaching staff has had a week to review the season to date and do some self-assessment, while also beginning the look ahead to get ready for the St. Louis Rams. Even as heavy favorites at home, extra scouting time is always welcome. I don't expect many specifics about how the time is spent, but I'm sure Coach Harbaugh will get a question or two.

I'll be tweeting a bit from @ninersnation. If you have any problems, check out the live stream. We'll have a Harbaugh transcript later today for our transcript hub, and then some follow-up tomorrow morning as we officially get through Week 9.