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Vernon Davis video from his high school days

We take a look at some video featuring Vernon Davis during his high school days.

49ers tight end Vernon Davis is having a bit of an under the radar season through the first eight games, but he is still an all-around contributor with his blocking and his ability to draw away defenders. It is not surprising then to hear Vernon and his coaches talk about these things back in high school.

Thanks to TryAndCatchVD for posting the above video as a FanShot. I really enjoyed it and wanted to get it up front for everybody to see. You can see how physically imposting Davis is throughout the video, but my favorite part was a bit later. His coach at Dunbar talks about how good he is at blocking and how he likes to do the little things.

That has become one of his calling cards in his career to date. He remains one of, if not the best "all around" tight end in the NFL. There are some great receiving tight ends out there, but few combine Vernon's ability as a pass catcher and blocker. This video shows this isn't a recent development.