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Pro Bowl 2012: Make sure and vote

With election day at hand, we provide encouragement to submit your Pro Bowl ballot.

Today is a moderately important day in America as folks flood to the ballot to vote in a variety of elections. The presidential election is of course the big one, but various states have important propositions and initiatives, as well as other elected offices to vote for today.

Since it is Election Day, I thought I'd remind everybody to vote, but also use it as a cheap plug to get your Pro Bowl ballots in. The 49ers have quite a few deserving candidates and unlike the real election, the Pro Bowl allows you to vote as many times as you want (well, legally!).

You have until early December to get your votes in, and you don't have to vote for every position on the ballot. I'd recommend voting straight across party lines and supporting the 49ers, but vote how you're gonna vote, and do it frequently.

So, vote for the Pro Bowl, and if you are registered to vote in the election, please go out and vote. I believe there are actually a few states that allow same day registration with provisional ballots, so make sure and check it out. That's the extent of the political message today. Reminder to keep politics otherwise out of the discussion today. If your candidate wins or loses, blast away on Twitter, but not in here.