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Aldon Smith calls report of being jumped 'absurd'

We take a look at Aldon Smith's updated comments about the reports he was jumped last week in Missouri.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

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The 49ers players were back in Santa Clara today and available to the media. Naturally, Aldon Smith was asked about the incident in which a local reporter was tweeting that Smith had been jumped outside of a restaurant in Columbia, Missouri. The next day, Smith said he was alright and followed up by saying he had not in fact been jumped.

The media spoke with Smith today, and he followed up by saying nothing happened. It sounds like something went down, but not big enough to issue a police report. I don't really know what that means, but at this point it seems like the situation is just about in the rear view mirror.

If this is indeed a non-issue, we can look ahead to the rest of the season and Aldon Smith's role with the defense. One of the challenges facing Smith is improving himself in coverage. He remains a great pass rusher, and is proving to be a strong presence in the run defense. The primary issue in his development is in pass coverage. He is improving, but there remains a lot of room for improvement. If he can clean that up a bit, the sky really is the limit for Smith.