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Week 10 NFL power rankings: video edition

Week 10 NFL power rankings in our new video format!

Welcome back for another week of my NFL power rankings via video. As I mention in the video, the NFC has really shored up its strength at the top of the power rankings. The Falcons, Bears, and a possibly resurgent Packers all look like good contenders for the Super Bowl this year. And let us not forget the Giants, the reigning champions. These are all teams that could contend for the top two seeds.

It's nice that we have already beaten the Packers. That helps out big time in that regard. And the loss the Giants could potentially come back to bite us in the butt, unfortunately. There's not much we can do about the Falcons, especially if they continue to just win games over and over. That all said, this game coming up against the Bears will probably be vital. In all likelihood, I think they are the biggest competition for us in respect to the second seed spot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week's video. Here are the rankings:

1) Atlanta Falcons

2) Houston Texans

3) Chicago Bears

4) San Francisco 49ers

5) New York Giants

6) Baltimore Ravens

7) Green Bay Packers

8) Denver Broncos

9) Pittsburgh Steelers

10) New England Patriots

11) Seattle Seahawks

12) Minnesota Vikings

13) Indianapolis Colts

14) San Diego Chargers

15) Arizona Cardinals

16) Detroit Lions

17) St. Louis Rams

18) New Orleans Saints

19) Philadelphia Eagles

20) Miami Dolphins

21) Dallas Cowboys

22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

23) New York Jets

24) Cincinnati Bengals

25) Buffalo Bills

26) Carolina Panthers

27) Oakland Raiders

28) Tennessee Titans

29) Washington Redskins

30) Cleveland Browns

31) Jacksonville Jaguars

32) Kansas City Chiefs