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49ers vs. Rams 2012 preview: Google+ Hangout with Turf Show Times

We preview the 49ers-Rams matchup on video with the help of a Rams blogger.

Earlier today I had a chance to sit down with Joe McAtee from Turf Show Times to chat about the 49ers-Rams game this Sunday. We conducted a Google+ Hangout that lasted about 30 minutes and covered a variety of topics. Joe provided some details on the Rams passing game with and without Danny Amendola, who may return to the field this Sunday. While the Rams passing attack does leave something to be desired, adding Amendola would be a big boost for them.

We also spent some time on broader topics about how both teams are developing moving forward. The 49ers obviously have created a tremendous amount of depth, while the Rams are facing a huge next two drafts with a host of the Redskins draft picks. They are approaching a bit of a cross-roads in building their team.

Give the video a view, and we'll be back later this week with more Q&A with Turf Show Times in more of a "five questions" type of set-up. And of course, make sure and subscribe to the Niners Nation YouTube channel.