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49ers vs. Rams TV schedule: Broadcast Maps for US, Canada, United Kingdom

We take a look at where the 49ers-Rams game will be broadcast in the US, Canada and United Kingdom, according to and other sites.


For the first time in nearly a month, the 49ers will playing their game on Sunday in a "normal" time slot. Since their loss to the Giants, the 49ers played on Thursday (Seahawks), Monday (Cardinals) and then had a bye. While it was nice being in prime-time with guaranteed coverage, there is something to be said for a regular Sunday game.

Of course, being as it is against the Rams, coverage of the game will be fairly limited. The game is going up against Dallas at Philadelphia. As little as we might care about what is a pretty crappy matchup, we're stuck being the "lesser" matchup. If you are in the United States, check out the broadcast maps over at, where you can see what is playing when and where.

It is a pretty clear breakdown for the 49ers-Rams game. The St. Louis media market extended is getting the game, as is northern California, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, parts of Nevada and everywhere in Washington outside of Seattle and the northwest part of the state (Seahawks on CBS at the same time).

Given the matchup involved, there are limited opportunities to watch the game abroad. It appears the game is not playing anywhere in Canada. In the United Kingdom (and really the rest of Europe), it appears the game is only available on Game Pass.

If you know the game will be broadcasting in your part of the world, drop details in the comments.