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Golden Nuggets: 49ers offense gaining more praise than defense

Thursday, November 8, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ralph Freso

Good morning. How is everyone? I'm doing well. Thanks for asking. The 49ers are looking healthy and ready for the second half of the season. A lot of midseason teams are coming this week. Oddly the 49ers are having more offensive players than defensive players. Even Rams HC Jeff Fisher singled out the offense as being particularly dangerous. This, despite having the best defense in the league (though the Bears would have something to say about that with good reason). There's been some standouts on offense and the line is playing at such a high level they're finally getting the respect they deserve. As for the defense...they are always respected and, with no player having a clear standout year statistically, they are being overlooked in the most minor way. It goes to show how well they hold up as a unit. There's not a lot of sacks or turnovers, just clean tackles and sore opponents.

There's a lot of links and I'm getting into them without a lot of commentary...apologies.

Week 10: Rams at 49ers

Sam Bradford is throwing the ball downfield a lot more this season than in years past. He's not having a great year, but the Rams are more passing minded, especially with Steven Jackson getting older. | 49ers vs Rams preview: How well do you know Sam Bradford. (Faaborg)

49ers vs Rams injury report: Key players all expected to practice Thursday. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Jeff Fisher, Randy Moss coming off one-year breaks after Titans farewell tour. (Inman)

Fisher: I've never faced an offense that was so well-coached. (Barrows)

Buckeye bash: Alex Boone, James Laurinaitus to renew friendly (we think) rivalry. (Barrows)

Jeff Fisher praises 49ers' offense, not defense. (Gin)

Assorted 49ers News

The 49ers have a lot at stake in the second half of the season. There's the matter of securing the division, getting a first-round bye and then trying for home field. Atlanta seems to have an easy run with their division fizzling out. But out of the potential division winners, who is the least scary to us? Atlanta? | What's at stake for the 49ers? (Kawakami)

Mike Sando names his all NFC West midseason team and, as you would guess, the 49ers dominate the list. Oddly enough, are offense is more heavily represented than the defense. That says more about our division foes than the actual play of our defense, however. | All-NFC West midseason team. (Sando)

Following another alleged incident, Aldon Smith says he's growing up. (Bay Area SB Nation)

49ers defense getting little respect from media. (Inman)

49ers receive first-place vote in AP NFL power rankings. (Mercury News)

49ers mailbag II: Justin Smith just as good as last year. (Maiocco)

After the slights, RT Anthony Davis getting slaps on back. (Branch)

Randy Moss visits with Lil Wayne. (

Patrick Willis on Dashon Goldson: "There was no question he'd be a special player." (Inman)

Coach's notebook: Nov. 7. (

49ers pay tribute to armed forces. (

49ers offense continues to improve. (

Niners are very healthy coming out of bye week. (Pro Football Talk)

49ers center Jonathan Goodwin leads by example. (SF Gate)

Roster News

Idling RB Brandon Jacobs refers questions to Coach Harbaugh. (Branch)

Harbaugh: Healthy team means no A.J. Jenkins or LaMichael James. (Maiocco)

Video / Assorted Media

Press pass: Carlos Rogers. (

Press pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

Press pass: Alex Smith. (

Press pass: Patrick Willis. (

Conference call: Rams HC Jeff Fisher. (

Conference call: Rams LB James Laurinaitis. (

Diverse rushing attack. (

Setting record straight on NFC West QBs. (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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